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Summer Tapas!

It is time to learn a few extra recipes and tricks for your entertaining pleasure! Whether you are having a  BBQ or bringing a dish to one, here are a few ideas to toss into your rep!




MMM, nothing better on a cold day, or a hot day, or at night with some beans, or in the morning with some eggs... than Rellenos! Here are a few takes on different stuffed peppers!


 Gurl... I Can' t Eat That!

Not sure if it is our imagaination or the truth, but Boulder seems to be the cleanse/dietary restriction capital of the world! So here is a class that is gluten free, dairy free and soy free. Oh, and meat free...


The Art Of Salad

Here are a few great salad recipes, some more green than others. They are great to add some protein too or just have as a lite snack!


Tacos, Tacos, Tacos

There is not much better in the world to eat besides tacos. Perfect, handheld, hot, melty, salsa-y tacos. This class you will learn three great fillings along with some great toppers!




A Night in New Mexico...

A sampling of a couple of dishes that make New Mexican Food some of the tastiest food on earth!





Tickle My Pickle

A variety of pickling ingredients, marinades and vegetables... nothing adds to a meal (or cocktail!) quite like an awesome pickle!


Soup's On... Again!

Nothing better than a hot cup o soup in the winter,  so we had to add yet another class of soups!




Soup's On!

A staple of winter food! Make your dinner a one pot meal by adding some bread or tortillas, wa-la! Easy as 1,2,3!



Celebrate The Squash

Come fall, squash in every variety is super abundant! Stressing what to do with it all? Fear no more, squash class is here!




Spring Salads!

We have nothing against green salads here, but here are some non-leafy treats that are great for full meals or great sides.



Is Your Sauce Sweet Like Mine?

Welcome, to Simple Spoons sauciest class, and be ready to say good-bye to dry bland meals. Sauce is the accessory to all dishes, and all dishes need accessories! You can add one, two even three different kinds, you can add a lot, a little, or somewhere in between. The magic is, the decision is yours!



Thai Me Up

Learn about some of the ingredients and recipes that will help making Thai food fun, and, well, taste like Thai food!



Learn to roll some sushi, make some yummmmy broth and slurp some noodles!



Happenin Latin

Want to make your night feel tropical? Want to throw a super breezy summer party? Just cook up this menu, add some Mojitos and Pina Coladas… boom you are there!



Beyond the Burrito

Mexican food should not be synonymous with aching bellies! Learn to mix together some great fresh foods to make a fragrant wonderful festive meal.




Want to get serious about some healthy food? Want to talk about quinoa and seaweed and their health benefits? Want to figure out what to do with those all those beets and kale you just bought because you decided to eat healthy? Come on down, and we’ll introduce you to some boldly flavorful healthy foods.


Asian Invasion

Here are some simple Asian inspired foods that you can give a whirl at in your kitchen… no take out, less grease, what more could you ask for?